7 November 2022

Pleidooi voor een cultureel Marshall plan voor Europa - Un plaidoyer pour un plan Marshall culturel Européen

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Since its foundation in 1926 (with an official charter in 1927) by our godparent clubs Ostend and Brussels, Rotary Club Ghent has amassed a not insignificant list of social and cultural initiatives. The aim is always to offer real help to well-defined aid projects at home and abroad, in close collaboration with those responsible, through a solid professional internal organisation and transparent reporting, both within Rotary and to the outside world. In this way, the club aims to provide effective additional support for the growing needs in various fields such as health care, addiction prevention, medical and paramedical equipment, emancipation of the disabled, equal education opportunities, multilingualism, dissemination of study and professional information, help for the elderly, literacy, environmental protection, etc.

On Monday 7 November 2022 at 7 pm Rotary Gent invites the Duke of Arenberg to come and speak about his ideas on the future of Europe. The speech will be bilingual Dutch/French.

Please register via this link: https://gent.rotary2130.org/nl/agenda/show/46608


"Un plaidoyer pour un plan Marshall culturel Européen" - article in Rotary (nr 456, 2022-12)

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