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Ron Farina


Lagrange Books


366 pages



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Sacrifice contains five incredible stories of friendship, caregiving, serving the homeland, family bonds, courage, daily sorrow, and utterly heartbreaking grief.

The word "sacrifice" is often used when honouring veterans and military families. However, the fully lived experience of what this word truly means—fear, sorrow, awe, care, service, and redemption—is rarely, if ever, captured as beautifully and truthfully as in Ron Farina's Sacrifice.

The book not only provides a vividly detailed profile of five individuals who sacrificed their lives in service to their country, but also tells the stories of the friends, colleagues, and family members they left behind.

The stories in Sacrifice are both timeless and without end. They are about the fallen American veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Still, they could just as well be about the ten Belgian paratroopers killed in Rwanda, or the soldiers losing their lives in Ukraine today, or those who fought at the Yser during World War I.

The book offers all non-military readers an honest and sometimes disturbing insight into what our armed forces do to protect their nation and society. At the same time, it explains how these 'servants of the government' protect themselves and their brothers and sisters in conflicts worldwide and what it means to have a military member in your family.

Sacrifice is a book that does not apologize for tearing open reality or striking at the reader's emotions. It is raw and, at the same time, very sensitive. It will leave no reader untouched. There is no better plea for the prevention of wars.


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