19 February 2020

3rd College of Europe - Arenberg Prize Award, Brussels

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On 19 February 2020, the College of Europe, together with the Arenberg Foundation, organized the Award Ceremony of the third edition of the College of Europe – Arenberg European Prize at the University Foundation in Brussels. The College of Europe – Arenberg European Prize is awarded to an excellent contribution by a postgraduate student in history, humanities or social sciences, which, using historical and/or comparative analysis, explores federal solutions for European integration.

The third edition of the College of Europe – Arenberg European Prize has been awarded to Dr Quincy CLOET for his article "Two sides to every story(teller): competition, continuity and change in narratives of European integration" (Journal of Contemporary European Studies, 25, 2017, 3, pp. 291-306). Dr CLOET is the first alumnus of the College of Europe to win the prize. He graduated at Natolin with the Václav Havel Promotion in the academic year 2012-2013.

During the Ceremony, Dr CLOET gave a presentation entitled: "Narratives of European Integration: Competition, Continuity and Change".

The keynote speech about "European Defence: an Idea whose Time Has Arrived?" was delivered by Minister Radosław SIKORSKI, Member of the European Parliament.