6 April 2019

Arenberg-Heritage-Tour Nordkirchen, Germany

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As an addition to the Arenberg Festival in Leuven Birgit Beisch (Schloss Nordkirchen) and Koen Himpe (Brussels) offer a special tour that is focused on the cultural heritage of the Arenberg Family in Nordkirchen. Highlights of the tour are the baroque chapel and the ballroom as well as the neobaroque gardens, that where designed by the renowned french gardenarchitekt Achille Duchêne. Everyone who wants to learn more about the changeful history of the " Westfalian Versailles" and follow the traces of the Arenbergs in Germany is invited to join this english guided tour of the palace and the park.

For registration and further information please contact Dr. Birgit Beisch: schloss@nordkirchen.net 

Schloss Nordkirchen