Arenberg Archives in Edingen - Enghien

The Arenberg Archives and the associated Cultural Centre have been open to the public since September 1st, 1998. The AACC is a private institution founded by the Arenberg family and its activities are supported by an assessment committee and a sponsorship committee.

The object of the association is to encourage the study of European history in order to facilitate dialogue between cultures and encourage the building of a European Family. The AACC offers the public access to the riches of the Arenberg Archives and publishes works pertaining to History and the History of Art.

The Arenberg Archives at Enghien house an abundant collection of material extending back over more than a thousand years. The documents – over a thousand linear metres of deeds, registers, rolls, correspondence, maps and engravings – are not solely concerned with the rich past of the House of Arenberg, but also with the history of other noble families. These archives also contain information about family estates and landholdings and their administration, and in particular the European towns, villages and feudal seigneuries in what are today the Benelux countries, Germany, France, Austria, Bohemia and Italy.

The AACC also offers the use of the well documented Arenberg library, including early and modern works, a phototheque and a collection of objets d’art.