21 November 2018

XIVth Prizes for History "Duke d'Arenberg"

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Palace of the Academies, Brussels.


  • Opening words by prof. Mark Eyskens
  • Presentation of the work by Roel Roegiers and Daniël De Kimpe by prof. dr Hilde De Ridder - Symoens: "Restauration des peintures de Bernard Ridderbosch, Vues du nouveau polder d'Arenberg, 1785"
    • Speech by the laureates
  • Presentation of the work by dr William D. Godsey by prof. Wim Blockmans: "The Sinews of Habsburg Power. Lower Austria in a Fiscal-Military State 1650-1820, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018."
    • Speech by laureate
  • Interlude by the Arenberg Choir
  • Speech by prof. Werner Paravicini on "la noblesse médiévale, une culture autonome".
  • Closing words by H.S.H duke of Arenberg
  • Reception