29 June 2024

Autos, Schloss und Prominenz

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The Baroque Palace of Nordkirchen has served as a representative backdrop for social events for centuries. Due to its outstanding architecture and impressive garden, it is rightly called the "Versailles of Westphalia."

Following the families von Plettenberg and Esterházy, the Arenberg family lived here in the early 20th century. In July 1911, Duke Engelbert-Marie invited people to a grand folk festival on the occasion of the Prince Heinrich Rally. The participants of the car rally and a large circle of prominent guests attended the festive reception in honour of Prince Heinrich. Historical photographs of this significant social event have been compiled in a brochure, which will be presented on June 29th.

We cordially invite you to join us on this visual journey back to the Imperial era and look forward to rediscovering a forgotten part of the palace's history with you.


Article in Ruhrnachrichten, Lokalseite Nordkirchen (Nr. 156)

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Article in Ruhrnachrichten, Lokalseite Nordkirchen (Nr. 142)

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