History Prizes "Duke d'Arenberg"

The "Duke d'Arenberg History Prizes" are literary awards given every two years since 1992 by the Arenberg Foundation to reward excellence and innovation in exploring Europe’s history, culture, and thought. Works that are original in their approach, have a wide scope, are both readable and scholarly, as well as are accessible to a wide public are eligible for submission.

The Arenberg European History Prize

Worth 4,000 Euros to the winning author, the Arenberg European History Prize is awarded to the best work that sheds new light on Europe’s history. The Prize Committee will look particularly favourably on works relating to the former Seventeen Provinces of the Low Countries, the territories of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation (and to the Rhineland and Westphalia in particular), and northern France and that have a comparative approach. The prize is also open to works that use the tools of the historian to inspire debate about Europe’s present and future.

The House of Arenberg History Prize

The House of Arenberg History Prize comes with a cash award of 1,000 Euros and is awarded to the best work that makes use of archival collections relating to the House of Arenberg, in particular those located in Arras, Brussels, Cambrai, Koblenz, Douai, Düsseldorf, Enghien, Louvain, Osnabrück, Paris, Salzburg, and Vienna.


Previous winners:

Dr. Stefaan Grieten, Leuven
Prof. dr. Beatrice De Graaf, Utrecht

Dr. Joost Welten
Dr. Sascha Köhl

Dr. William D. Godsey
Mr. Roel Roegiers and Mr. Daniël De Kimpe

Mr. Patrick Dassen
Dr. Iason Jongepier

Prof. dr. Christopher Clark
Lic. Sander Berghmans

Prof. dr. Emiel Lamberts, KU Leuven 
Dr. Peter Winzen, Parsberg, Oberpfalz 

Dr. Martin Wrede, Giessen 
Lic. Hans Baeté, Gent 

Dr. Thomas Weber, Princeton, NJ 
Dr. Bertrand Goujon, Lyon 

Capilla Flamenca, Leuven - www.capilla.be 
Lic. Mirella Marini, Bruxelles

Prof. dr. Wilhelm Janssen, Düsseldorf
Generaal-vlieger Guy van Eeckhoudt, Hamme-Mille

Prof. dr. Wim Blockmans, Leiden
De heer Michaël Schmidt, Bentheim, Emsland

Prof. dr. Karl Ferdinand Werner, Rottach-Egern
Lic. Christine Maes, Gent

Dr. Natalie Petiteau , Avignon

Prof. dr. Raoul Bauer, Leuven
Kapelaan Rainer Justen, Wershofen

Prof. dr. Heribert Müller, Frankfurt-am-Main
Prof. dr. Jean-Marie Duvosquel, Brussel

Prof. dr. John Everaert - Prof. dr. Eddy Stols, Gent-Leuven
Lic. Bart Minnen, Leuven


Members of the scientific committee of the Arenberg prizes:

Prof. Dr. Wim Blockmans, Gent - Leiden, Chairman
Prof. Dr. Claude-Isabelle Brelot, Lyon II - Paris
Prof. Dr. Jean-Marie Cauchies, Bruxelles
Prof. Dr. Hilde De Ridder-Symoens †, Gent
Dr. Elodie Lecuppre-Desjardins, Lille
Prof. Dr. Matthias Müller, Mainz
Marquis Olivier de Trazegnies, Corroy-le-Château
Prof. Dr. Thomas Weber, Aberdeen
Prof. Jeroen Duindam, Leiden
Prof. dr. Marija Wakounig, Wien
Prof. dr. Beatrice de Graaf, Utrecht

Palais des Académies, Brussels

Palais des Académies, Brussels


Past Activities

11 September 2004

VIIth Prizes for History "Duke d'Arenberg"

Opening of the new library of the KU Leuven "Campus Bibiotheek Arenberg", Prize award ceremony with short presentation of the Arenberg foundations by Minister of State Mark Eyskens and presentations of the Prize winners respectively by Dr. Wolf-Rüdiger Schleidgen, managing director of the Archives of Rhineland-Palatinate for the 1st Prize (General History) awarded to Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Janssen and by prince Leopold d'Arenberg for the 2nd Prize (Regional History) awarded to Air Force General Guy van Eeckhoudt.

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History Prizes "Duke d'Arenberg" Prizes

14 September 2002

VIth Prizes for History "Duke d'Arenberg"

The 2002 laureates of the "Duke d'Arenberg" History Prizes are Prof. Dr. Wim Blockmans, Leiden and Mr. Michael Schmidt, Bentheim, Emsland. Minister of State prof. dr. Mark Eyskens gave a conference in the old stables of the castle of Enghien about ‘The future of Europe’.

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History Prizes "Duke d'Arenberg" Prizes

1 January 1992 – 1 December 2000

Duke d'Arenberg History Prizes up to 2000

2000 Prof. Dr. Karl Ferdinand Werner, Rottach-Egern Lic. Christine Maes, Gent 1998 Dr. Natalie Petiteau , Avignon 1996 Prof. Dr. Raoul Bauer, Leuven Chaplain Rainer Justen, Wershofen 1994 Prof. Dr. Heribert Müller, Frankfurt-am-Main Prof. Dr. Jean-Marie Duvosquel, Bruxelles 1992 Prof. Dr. John Everaert - Prof. Dr. Eddy Stols, Gent-Leuven Lic. Bart Minnen, Leuven

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History Prizes "Duke d'Arenberg" Prizes